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CMT anyone?

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I've just been preliminarly diagnosed with CMT(Charlot-Marie-Tooth), anyone here have any experience with it? At least it helps explain why I'm so bad at sport.

I was diagnosed with CMT 12 years ago. The progression of the disease is very slow for me, thank God. I have very weak ankles, claw toes and a very high arch. Also very weak muscles in my lower legs. I wear AFO's (Ankle-Foot-Orthoses). They're braces made of a lightweight plastic material. I can't walk on uneven surfaces and I use a cane for balance. (I tend to tip backwards). It's a fairly common form of Muscualr Dystrophy that usually doesn't incapacitate people, though there are cases of people who have a severe form of it.

How are you dealing with it? What are your symptoms and have you been biopsied?

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