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Love Life Woes

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there is never good news, it is just the way it is for me.

my alleged "boyfriend" of 4 years, could care less about anyone except himself (he has a high profile job and thinks he's god's gift) and money and himself. he didn't even notice me LIVING WITH one of my former boyfriends! He is either choosing to ignore my single's life, or is really that absorbed in himself. he does ask me if i'm cheating on him, and i say something like "we've been together for four years and haven't given you any social diseases, right/". I do outright deny it sometimes.

I feel bad keeping up this facade, but when i go over his place (my place is 3 blocks from his and he has yet to see my place!) all we do is watch TV and have sex. i feel like he is more of a friend with benefits than my boyfriend. So that is th emajor justification for leading the life i lead (non-monogamous at this point).

there are a couple of friends with benefits i have around, and it isn't like huge romantic love or something, just comfort and secluding ourselves, creating our own special place, keeping our minds on each other and not allowing intruding thoughts.

I'd go to say that my sexual experiences with one of them is particularly healing and we're both going through mental issues, and the other is married and i don't know how to dump him (developed feelings already- stupid heart!).


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I read your story and wanted to cry. I have been there too. Hope that I am not crossing a line, but BOY ARE YOU SETTING YOURSELF UP!!! You deserve someone that cares more about you than ANY high profile job!!! If the dude of 4 years isn't what you need either change the realtionship or end it. You are only hurting yourself by holding onto to something that isn't bringing you anywhere. Are the tv and sex good with the boyfriend?? I guess what I am trying to say sounds like these guys, beau and married guy, are taking care of their needs, I just hope that it is not at YOUR expense. The married guy will bring NOTHING, but sex, promises and misery. Of course you develope feelings for him. Hate to sound cold, but he will do what he needs to keep you around. Especially if you ask for nothing in return. The longer you stay involved, the harder leaving will be. It's all a game for some guys, and you can't win! The only way you can win the game that they have all the skills at is not to play. Please re-evaluate what you want and cross off anyone who is not giving it you or taking more than they give. Everyone deserves better than that! ;)

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