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My pdoc finally comes off a month long vacation next week and i am going off wellbutrin-it dragged me into mixed state hell, didn't help depression.

This is what I am now taking: (BTW-I know only my pdoc can answer-just wanted some experienced first-hand opinions):


Wellbutrin generic SR- just went from 150 mg. to 100 mg.- then going off in a week.

Klonopin-1.5 mg-(extra prn until my manic/mixed state/out of control anxiety thank you wellbutrin goes away)

Seroquel-250 mg.( extra 50 prn-see above)

Ultracet-prn-for pain

I was thinking about asking about adding a little bit of Topomax. My pdoc is trying to talk me into Lithium and I really don't want to go there. I've gained Quite enough weight on Seroquel, thank you very much.

Any thoughts, opinions, experiences? Oh yeah, my dx is GAD w/ Panic, MDD, dysthymia, BP2 w/ rapid cycling


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Topomax made me tired all the time, but that doesn't mean much, since every mood stabilizer and antipsychotic make me tired all the time. It's a pain -- I have a hard time sleeping without medication, but if I do take medication (except for antidepressants), I'm tired all the time.

I guess it was helpful for me besides that, but it's hard to tell. I didn't always take it regularly enough, since I hated being so tired. I was mostly taking it in combination with Zoloft and Zyprexa, although at one period there was Ativan in there, too, and during another period it was Risperdal instead of Zyprexa.

The day I took it for the first time, I took it in the morning, as I had been told to do. I basically couldn't get out of bed all day, and my mother screamed at me for being lazy. I started taking it at bedtime after that. There is no way I could have functioned if I had taken it in the morning.

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