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Yet another new member...

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Hi.  I've been posting for a few days now, but never actually made it to the introductions thread until now...

I'm 29, female, recently married.  I work as a webmaster at a university.  At night I'm going back to school as a psychology major.

I'm bipolar type II and have ADHD.  I'm currently on 15mg Abilify, 40mg Prozac, and 80mg Strattera.

At the moment I'm ultra-ultra-rapid cycling.  What happened is that my gynecologist put me on birth control pills for my polycystic ovary disease, and that made me suicidal.  Now my pdoc is trying to get my medications straightened out.  (I'm off the birth control pills, by the way.)  It sucks, because I was actually stable for a while and now I'm riding a roller coaster blindfolded, it feels like.  I just had a mini panic attack merely form my boss asking me to do something.  I hate this.

Anyway, it's nice to be here.  I'm glad I found this place.

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welcome cal,

i noticed you on irc the other night and was pretty sure i didn't recognize the id.  glad to have you here and really really hope you can get back to being stable again.  panic attacks at work are awful.  there's just nowhere to hide when the panic starts to swell inside you and there are only so many explanations that can be given for bathroom breaks.  anyway, i'm getting off track, and this probably isn't helping you at all!  i guess i'm just letting you know you're not alone.

welcome to this crazy place.  i'm looking forward to bumping into you a bit more in the future ;)


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