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Title? What title?

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Since I'm bipolar, I have mucho creativity. Now, which came first? the bipolar or the creativity? who knows, who cares.

I just wanna say, I finally finished something for once in my life, and if it's not against the rules, please check it out and tell me what you think.

Be sure to read the blog on my site, it's my attempt at humor, and if i'm not funny, please tell me. I promise I won't get suicidal.

The World's 7millionth blog

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Heya divinedesign21,

I like, Pet Urine Remover Recipe.

(My apologies if that's not the ad that shows up when you click over.)

Seriously, though, I think your current name "The world's seven millionth blog" is really really cool.

(Like I'm the arbiter of cool, but hey.)


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