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I thought 300mg was the max, and then my pdoc raised it to 450mg. He says a lot of people use that. And I've found several who do.

Now I'm in a crazy dysphoric state. I don't have an SSRI, but do have Zyprexa. Lamictal is already at 400mg (with birth control that equals 20mg).

Do you know if we have any latitude regarding the WB? Is 600 a possibility, or is it more likely he'll raise Z, recommend dancing naked with trees in the woods (an actual tdoc suggested this to me when i was 15...scared me into not seeing a tdoc for 10 years!), or bring back lex?

I like having the WB and don't want to either raise Z or re-add Lex. I want to be my normal weight and have a normal sex life! I just don't know what the maximum effective dose of WB is.


ps- i also don't know how much wiggle room i have. like, when should i just shut up and deal with things? like my weird moods? when is my medicine doing enough and i need to do the rest?

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Heya Loon,


OK, well, max effective dose of WB is 450.

Above that, no evidence of increased therapeutic effect but increased risks, as noted.

What dose of Zyprexa are you taking?

What birth control (I should know this, but hey, it's been a month) are you on?

(Heheh. I always liked dancing in the woods ... but *naked* means a *lot* of bugbites in unfortunate places. I would wear tights.)


Yeah, at a certain point these meds are just supposed to help us get to where therapy works.

I'm looking for that point now.

Be well.


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