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How long before I murder her in her sleep

Whacko Jhacko

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Mum, ok. Some of my music has plenty of profanity and crudeness.

But, mum, what? You don't swear as badly as that music?

Mum, Insane Clown Posse was telling the world to fuck off. You, mum, were calling a curtain a "son of a whore's bastard". I say bitch and fuck off to you when we fight, yes, but even that's something I can't bring myself to say. You also used to call dad a cock-sucker a lot (before he died). [speaking as a cock-sucker: you can kiss my ass, you bitch].

This morning, after one of our many fights, my mum came in and asked me to go to the grocery store for her. This is after I refused to because she was being a bitch (she ended up spending more money than she would have otherwise too haha). I forget what she said because I was half asleep. But she was being a rude ass hole to me so I was being one back to her. So she says something about me being a jerk because she wouldn't lend me money. After she woke me up and treated me like crap. And, for the record, I was half asleep and not thinking about the money-thing. She got all offended because I called her a rude idiot, too. So I finally told her that I've noticed how much she hates to be critisized. She still went off thinking she was all fine and dandy and that I'm just "getting out of hand".

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