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What about Meeeeeeeeeeee?

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Hi, I'm old from the other posting board that my spaz brain had a hard time navigating.

I'm a bipolar mental health professional.  Though in treatment since age 17, I didn't get diagnosed correctly until age 28 so I used my hypomania to get a grad degree and medicated myself with alcohol.  I have many sober years in AA since getting the dreaded label of "bipolar bimbo". 

I get mixed states when real sick and have had several rounds with the old ECT to break them.  I am living proof you will forget where you put your phone book daily but not a conversation you had 20 years ago (verbatim) or any current transgression of another, and/or people I may hate on TV.  Currently, David Caruso and Bill O'Reilly...you can make the connection.

I have moved around the US a lot so I have experience in obtaining mental health care here, there and everywhere.  I live in a rural part of the US now...(after watching the towers drop in my home town of NYC) ...less stress, psych care from hell.  My dr. hates me, I hate him and he is seriously the only one in 100 mile radius.

Nice to be here.

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hi crazykatie. hey wow. me too. hypomania got me through grad school too. through a master's and about two thirds of a phd and led me to a drinking problem from self-medicating.

i upped and moved to new zealand for my phd. the four worst years of my life. utter hell. beyond hell. it was so bad.

i started seeing counsellors when i was about 22. fucking useless. finally i went to my gp (a new one cos i was so embarassed) and said 'i have depression'. he took one look at me and said 'no kidding'. and here i thought i was being all upbeat. lol.

cept i'm sure now that i'm bpII. i'm manic right now and posting like a madman.

so. glad that you're here.


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