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I've started on Buspirone and curious

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I was more active here at the end of the year 2005 and the beginning of the year 2006. I stopped my observing this message board back around February. I don't fit in with most of other people where ever I go.

One of the things that I've spent my time thinking and sharing more about my problem was on Depression. Schezophrenia, Bi-Polar and what ever else is bother me. But I don't like what they have for Anti-Depression Medications.

But I have kept forgetting that I really think that my Depression is the result of me having been dealing with "Anxieties" and that "Anxiety" in me is the real heart of my problem. And all my life, when I see that "Anxiety" has been keeping me from doing the things I would like to do. Then I get Depressed from what this has been doing to me.

I had found myself getting the benefits of being a "Veteran" and can get Medical Treatment with the Veteran Affairs, for which I had got started for me after February this year. So I have been checking into this after February.

I finally got a Mental Health Consultation this last week. And I mentioned I didn't like Anti-Depressants. Than they mentioned about taking something for my "Anxieties". And mentioned they would recommend this Medication ... "Buspirone HCL 10 mg" twice a day. I agreed to go with the ... "Anti-Anxiety" Medication, because I don't see it as threating to my health. This is just Starting for me now, as of July Friday 14, 2006.

So meanwhile, I'm curious about this medication, if it is really going to really be helpful and if it will really work for me?

I also am curious if anyone else can tell me if they take this medication and what they know about it. What else has been mention here about "Buspirone HCL"?

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