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I guess it's about time.....

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Hi everyone........I guess since I have posted a few times, it's time for an introduction. Not sure what to say, I am really more shy on the internet than in real life (isn't it usually the other way around?). I was just recently (in the last six months or so) diagnosed BP after about 20 yrs of ADs. No wonder they weren't helping lol.

I have been lurking on the boards for quite a while, and finally decided to join in. Don't have anyone in my life that really understands how I feel. Hubby tries to be supportive, but he just doesn't "get it". I really like the support and closeness here. Hopefully I will get to be a part of the big CB family! AWWWWW I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy already (hope that's not a side effect of my Lamictal).


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