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I admitted it.

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I will say this a thousand times if i have to


Si is a coping mechanism for so many people (myself included) I think that it is important to say Do not 'beat yourself up' after a episode of self injury as the emotions associated with doing so can often (againonly personaly speaking) trigger another episode of si.

Remember it is done, as much as we would like to turn the clock back and not do it, it isnt that easy. 

Please keep your cuts clean, and seek medical attention if needed.

I have a si website, its not been updated in around a year but its www.hurtingwithin.co.uk

actualy i have another si site again which hastn been updated in a long time but you can access it on www.geocities.com/large_si

If you have any feedback on either please dont use the email addys on the pages either pm me or get my email addy from me........ much easier

be careful when surfing themboth as they may trigger

lots of love adn hugs



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What you did was extremely hard to do.  Telling the pdoc for the first time is very scary.  You are already beating yourself up about what happened, and then you have to wonder how your pdoc is going to react.  My pdoc did not scold me, but she said she didn't want me to have to live with horrible visible scars when I got older and was better able to cope with my illnesses.  She said that I had already made so much progress that she knew that one day despite my conditions I would feel in better control of my life and would want to have special relationships with friends and possibly a significant other.  It is good to be on the same page about needing more treatment and support.  I hope you get a chance to look at the thread on alternatives to SI.

Katie ;)

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You know...

I used to never understand cutting. Until I took a knife and sliced my arms.

And then I did it again. And I feel really guilty and dirty after doing it. I have these... wide welts of red scar tissue that would not heal. They're making me wear long-sleeved shirts in this heat.

I really feel embarrassed about that. Maybe, because it's not as common for guys. Or something.

Wow, this post is pointless.

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I know I should really tell my doc I've started cutting but somehow I think that admitting it makes me *really* crazy as opposed to the depression and add and insomnia and anxiety that just makes me a *little* crazy.


Lord help me if I have to take a mood stablizer because seroquel and I did not make friends nicely.....

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