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what meds is are you on?

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Just wondering what meds the bp'ers are on and if they are helping. Here is what I am taking.

AM: 100mg lamictal, .5 mg of klonopin, 50mg seroquel

noonish: .5mg klonopin, 50 mg seroquel

mid-afternoon: 50mg seroquel

6 pm: 200mg lamictal, .5mgklonopin,

bedtime: 100mg seroquel,

bc pill, multi-vitamin

PRN: ultracet for pain

allegra, I think that's it.

BTW- MEDS WORKING! yayayyyyyy!!

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Started working with new pdoc about 6 weeks ago - she's taking me off Effexor XR (was on 225mg) and ultimately aims to have me on one or two mood stabilisers, with Wellbutrin as a backup if a depressive phase hits.

But in the meantime:

37.5 mg Effexor (feeling proud that I've made it this far down without killing myself - it's been HORRIBLE getting off this stuff)

10mg valium (5mg x 2 / day as needed)

Zolpidem (ambien) 10mg

Trileptal 1500mg (300mg in morning, 1200mg at night)

subject to ongoing change, naturally

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well, it is probably going to change *really* soon (since I am trying to taper off of effexor, in order to go on Wellbutrin, I believe... if I have trouble getting off of effexor, then he will just add the wellbutrin).  So, here it goes... for now, anyway:


225mg Effexor (just starting to go to 150)

200mg Lamictal

.5mg Klonopin (and then .5 throughout the day as needed, although pdoc doesn't want me to abuse it...)


Iron (yay, anemia!)


220mg Lamictal




I think that's it... or that is all I can think of at the moment....

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900mg lithium HS

25mg Seroquel HS

200mg Celebrex BID

I'm still currently wound up and irritable as all hell. This isn't as bad as things used to get, pre-diagnosis, so I'm pleased with the meds so far, but something tells me they aren't quite enough.

I've called my OT to help me figure out how to handle my upcoming kid-centric vacation. I hope her advice will suit. ;)

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Guest Skittle unlogged

Ophelia -- just wanted to wish you well on the effexor titration, having just gotten down to 37.5 from 225.  It's tough, but worth it.  Won't go into all the hideousness I've been through, but if you need someone to rant at about it, feel free to pm me.

(username is Skittle - I logged out and don't have the energy to log back in again!)

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thank you skittle, that's really sweet! :)   I'm sure I will need all of the help/support that I can get (since I have gotten a taste of how bad getting off of effexor can be ;) ) congrats on being able to deal and I think i might have to take you up on that offer!


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100mg topamax

5mg abilify

.5mg xanax prn


fibromyalgia/back pain:

soma (miltown)350mg prn

lortab 5/500mg prn


general health:

herbs for adrenal and liver support




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Morning: 500mg Lithium

Afternoon: 100mcg thyroxine

Night: 625mg Lithium.....500mg Seroquel

Seems to work well, 'missed' doses of Lithium in the past 2 weeks as part of a denial/testing the boundary frame of mind. Slowly became more irritable and intolerant of most things and feeling my life was pathetic.

Now no more missed doses and i'm waiting for my levels to pick up again.

No doubt i'll do this again some time...just to keep it 'real'.  ;)

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2.5 mg Abilify

37.5 Effexor (may bump up soon)

300 Neurontin


900 Neurontin

50 Trazodone (may bump up soon)

Im finally starting to feel normal. Except for the dissociation bit...

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175mcg synthroid

300mg lithium

2 1200mg fishoil caplsuls

Advair Diskus 500/50


.5mg Clonezapam

750mg Depakote

300mg Zonegran

3mg Risperdal

50mg Luvox

50mg Trazadone

10mg Singulair

900mg Lithium

5 1200mg fishoil capsels

Advair Diskus 500/50

anxiety is still sky high and depression is still there so they will probably be increasing the Klonopin and Luvox and decreasing the Zonegran.

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