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My mum was presribed lorazepam for flying.

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My mum suffers from terrible nerves whenever she flies and usually self medicates herself with whiskey.  She thought that she would instead seek advice from her doctor, and she was prescribed lorazepam.  I do not know a great deal about this medication apart from the fact that it is very fast acting - presumably why she was given it.  She was told to take one tablet the night before her flight, and one an hour before it.  I am certain that she said that she was given 1mg tablets.  Now my question to you is this: will this be enough for her?

I told her to ask for xanax but I don't think that she did.  I would have thought that for a one off prescription xanax would be a good choice since it is very potent.  I suffer from terrible anxiety myself when flying, and I know that a standard dose of diazapam probably would not help me in that situation.  She has a quite a few tablets, so I suppose she can take more if needed.

What do you guys take for flying related anxiety?  I'm curious more than anything else.

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