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So glad to find this forum and crazymeds site - thanks for being here

I'm 36, and am undergoing treatment for bipolar/borderline. The meds have helped stabilize enough of the bipolar that I can now attempt to deal with the borderline, a diagnoses I find damning. The sites I've found re the topic seem split btwn borderline being a mental illness vs borderline as undisciplined bad behavior.

All this fun stuff has been exacerbated by my being stalked by a stranger who who sat behind me on a plane. While he did not threaten me overtly (mostly "god intended us to be united FOREVER" and "i would die for you" and "some of my countrymen hate you and want to make you have sex with them") I left a good job, college, and all of my belongings and relocated to across the country. Though I have had no recent contact from this person I sometimes freak out from the pressure of not knowing what to expect from him.

Sorry, had to get that out - it's really been affecting my mental health.

Anyway, good to meet you all.

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I really sorry that you had to go through an experience like that, michah669.  It is pretty scary... I have had experiences in that area, but not close to the extent with which you have had to deal with.

I too am a lovely bipolar/borderline....fun, isn't it?  yeah, right.

Here, most of us, at least, take Borderline Personality Disorder as a valid PD.  Many people who are uneducated about the condition will tell you otherwise.... borderlines are evil, selfish, manipulative asshole...... yeah, no.

So don't think that the borderline condition is fake... I could go on more, but I wont.

Anyway, welcome to the looney bin!  We have a great group of people here...

be well,


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Guest luli2545

Hi, I'm pretty new here and so glad to be here....

Heard about dialectical behavioral therapy? It's kind of a blend of things.....nice program in Kalamazoo....also U of Michigan has enough resources to do a good job with dbt....gotta do a lot of groups and stuff and it works....and insurances pay for it, by the way....anyhow....

It's sort of like being in AA and Alanon at the same time, BP and borderline; a double winner!

Yeah, not that funny....

Borderline is a pretty noble diagnosis, given what some of the causes are...so screw the jokes and crap about borderlines....Make life interesting, my view...

Best wishes, good luck, think these boards are just the best ever....

By for now, Luli2545

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hi michah,

the only borderline i have known had my profound respect as a survivor.

but your stalker, my god. i can only assume that you've used all the resources available to you online and offline to rid yourself of this person? that you would have to re-locate yourself to get away from this person horrifies me. i in no way mean to be flippant here, but if he said, 'i would die for you', i can't help but hope he might prove himself and do just that. not for you of course, but just sort of snuff it in an unrelated way. but i can only imagine how scary the stalking must be for you.

if you need someone to talk to about it or about anything else. i have a thread in the springer area or you could pm me.

take care,


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