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I don't like my tdoc.

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I don't like her. I don't like taking to her. But Pdoc says I have to talk to her. Grrr. I used to see antoher tdoc I loved, and would love to go back to her. however my pdoc doesn't "agree" with her techniques.

Isnt my shrink supposed to be someone I like, someone I don't dread going to see?

Maybe I am in denial of havign a damned crazy mind. Maybe I haven't accepted the fact that  I need these meds and I HATE THEM.

Or.....maybe I am in a bad mood today. (like every day.)


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How long have you been seeing the new tdoc? Do you need a little more time to settle into a comforatable relationship, to establish rapport with her?

Of course, it could be the meds not working and once they do or if changes are made with your meds things will ease up and seeing the new tdoc will get better. If your pdoc suggested the new tdoc maybe it will be a good change for you. Myabe the tdoc can teach you some coping techniques that you need right now. Or maybe the pdoc insists on using a particular tdoc. Or maybe your pdoc doesn't get the fact that you just don't like the new tdoc. At any rate, can you hang on for a while and see if things improve?


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