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Sleep eating on ambien and trazodone

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Has anyone else experienced uncontrollable food cravings after taking one's nightly dose of ambien or trazodone? I take both and have noticed this effect with both, independent of each other. The trazodone in particular, shit, it makes me eat half the kitchen in less than 10 minutes. A friend of mine had the same experience and calls it "the trazodone munchies." She said she would wake up in the morning with potato chips still in her mouth. I notice a slight impulse to eat when I just take Ambien, but it's more about the total breakdown in inhibition than the actual food cravings with the trazodone.

Anyone else experience this? Ideas about replacement meds? I'm anxious about switching.

Thanks much,


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Evryone told me i was crazy ( moreso) when i said trazedone made me STARVING!! every night for over ten years!!! noone had heard of this- ( doctors, hospitals etc) i would eat absoutely anything not nailed down- i would start cooking at 2am. i would fall asleep eating- its amazing i never choked- just woke up many times covered in melted chocolate!

i would have to get into bed right after taking it and will myself to not get up for food and i would fall asleep.ambien didn't work for me- i'd sleep for maybe 3 hrs and then pop up again so it was pretty useless.

sometimes i'd bring a snack to bed with me-so that i could eat and still fall asleep.

i don't think i came off the trazedone until i started trying APs. serequel has worked really well for me in pretty small doses.

i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one. ohh food never tasted as yummy as it did on the trazedone "munchies)

you may want to try good old fashioned benzos for sleep- klonopin, ativan etc- these never made me hungry.(even benedryl can be good if it doesn't give youa hangover.

good luck to you i hope you get some sleep soon!

mrs l

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