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Well I'll be damned!

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I was psyched up for a decline letter.

To my surprise I got a nice retroactive cheque for $3k and a letter of approval!

I don't know for how long, but I'm all set for a few months now at least. *WHEW*

I guess the telephone interview with the insurance company shrink (or whatever she was) proved I was crazy afterall. ;)

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Wonderful. What kinds of thing did u tell her in the phone interview?

Thanks guys!

The woman asked me questions about my dx, treatment and current symptoms. She asked me about my sleep habits, how I manage chores around the house and what I am managing to do outside the house. She also asked what my home situation was like and alot of questions about what my position involved at work. I was honest with her about everything.

I don't know how long I am approved for, but I'm ok for the time being which is a HUGE relief. Money is such a massive stressor.

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