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congrats on the annointment ...

now ... just since I am NOSY-NOS ... what is the procedure for annointment? is there nomination and secret vote? reward for good deeds done? specific criteria? random selection? enquiring minds want to know!

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before you read this, know that i and all the other mods recognize that there are so many members here that write amazing posts and give important support to other members. when we ask a member to be a mod, it does not mean that we do not recognize the important contributions of many many many other members.

mods are nominated because they:

  1. write insightful posts (whether because they have good research skills or pharma knowledge, or because they are empathetic, or patient, or worldly, or because they have that special something).
  2. there is a need in an area of the board and a certain member who stands out would fit as a moderator of that area. (not all of us are so good on all the boards, and some of us can't even read certain boards, but those boards need coverage).
after nomination it is a matter of discussion resulting in, hopefully, a consensus.

the only real requirements is that the member has been around for a while as an active member, has above a certain number of posts, and is actively working on their mental health.

so, it's neither random nor is it based on a list of specific criteria. have to be flexible when crazy is concerned, right?

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