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sleep study results

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- First off, the proof is in the pudding. If you wake up feeling like shit and unrested, then your sleep is not sufficiently restorative. This isn't a numbers game. And even though all the phases of sleep are important, REM is probably the first among equals.

- 15 of 25, means that you are only getting 60% of what you should be averaging.

Would you be well on 60% of required calorie intake? 60% of oxygen requirements? ;)

You get the idea.

What is the doc thinking is wrong? Does he have a suggested treatment?

Have you also perhaps developed a sleep avoidance behavior? Staying up, and not getting into bed, to avoid the unpleasantness of sleeping?

I did. And my pdoc helped me with that, both meds and behaviour mod, and talk. I also have severe sleep apnea, so I can empathize.


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