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Plan B approved for OTC in US

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(I couldnt think of a better place to post - feel free to move).


I was looking around here and didnt see that anyone was celebrating the decision to make the drug "Plan B" OTC in the US.

As the careful slut that I am - I still like to see new, good things on the market for the people.

and NO i dont think this will make people less pro-active in their reproductive decisions. (meaning teenagers and wild ass sex - that will happen regardless of "Plan B.")


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I wonder what effect this will have, if any, on the abortion statistics. I should think that they'll be reduced dramatically. Especially if the Plan B is available at a reasonable price, and is actively marketed so that people know it exists in the first place. Though... I worry about things like medicaid not covering it, while they do cover abortions. (at least here they do.) Stupid bureaucratic systems tend to screw this kind of thing up in unimaginable ways. >.<

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YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!thanks for the news DB! this is so way awesome!!!

I've had to use Plan B a couple of times. Once my NuvaRing fell out during sex and we didn't know until we found it in the sheets the next day, so I called my gyn and she had me get Plan B to be safe (good idea). The second time a condom broke and that was that.

I have a script for it tucked away with all my medical supplies, waiting to spring into action at a moment's notice.

I hope to start seeing Plan B on the drug store shelves very soon, and cheap enough to actually benefit people who need it (like everyone).

I disagree with the weirdos who claim it will increase irresponsible behavior. I think that having a back-up will decrease abortions, and make everyone happy in that regard.

What I don't understand is when people confuse Plan B with RU-486, TRUST ME, they're TOTALLY DIFFERENT. I had to go to the pharmacy to get Plan B. It is just a lot of birth control pills at once. RU-486, for the record, is the "abortion pill", actually 2 pills. One cuts off a necessary hormone to the developing fetus and the other causes expulsion. The former is painless, and the latter can be painful.

Yes, a victory finally!!!

Now, we need education on what Plan B is compared to RU-486. Maybe it being available on the shelf and not at the neighborhood abortion clinic should help people tell the difference...

Loons- doing the victory dance

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Heya DeckBridge,

1. Yay! Stupid docs won't be refusing PlanB for personal-conviction reasons.

2. Argh. Pharmacists (who in recent memory were upset re. not being allowed to sell cigarettes and who still sell many, many dubious quackceuticals) can still refuse to hand over PlanB for personal-conviction reasons.

2b. I respect pharmacists in general; I ask their opinion frequently; and I get that they have bills to pay. But come *on.*

3. Argh again. Freaking Tylenol causes liver failure. WTF is PlanB doing behind the counter?

--ncc-- who has a bit of a bone to pick with the canucki regulatory agencies

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