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I just got out of a 9 day stay at the hospital. A depressive episode hit me in less than a week. And, in 3 hours I had a suicide plan and a time to carry it out. It scared the hell out of my girlfriend, who rushed me to the ER. I am much better now, though. I had a complete med make-over and some new coping skills, thanks to my caseworker there.

I'm off Effexor! It took 9 days to go off it, with the addition of Cymbalta. I had horrid side effects. Constant headaches and nausea. By day 7, I was feeling better. I went off really fast, I think. The doc went down every 3 days. I went from 300 to 150, then 150 to 75, then 75 to 37.5. I think if he'd gone down slower, I wouldn't have had the nausea and headaches.

My med changes:

60 mg Cymbalta qam

300 mg Seroquel qhs

Lamictal starter pack (I'm on week 2). No rash so far!

150 mg Trazodone qhs

and the Klonopin is still the same: 0.5 mg bid

I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm going to start scheduling out my day and making to do lists. It helps to have structure.

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I've had a great day! I got up, took my meds at the same time as they'd give em in the hospital...had breakfast, did some housework, took a nap b/c the Lamictal makes me tired, did more housework, then spent some quality time with the girlfriend ;) I love her somethin' fierce. (She coined that phrase.)

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