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I just wanted to intraduce myself kinda fresh to the forms... myself i am 29 been sufferenin from panic a good portion of my life...

I deal with it daily from leavin the house gettin in the car or even what people would call normal activites around the h ouse..

i can sit here and go on and on !!!...

what hurts me the most since i have bipolar type 1 when i am in my manic stages of all over the place thats when i lose my battle with my panic its a double issue... When my mind is racing so fast and i cant tell whats real or am i still asleep ... then i freak out even more and here comes the panic train the joy of thinkin ya havin a heart attack .. your arms tingle and hurt ya chest feels like its gonna erupt and ya heart is racing like a stock car and you begin to sweat ...

so right now they have me on

zyprexa 10 mg

depakote er 1000mg

paxil 50 mg

clonazepam .5 mg

i feel like i take a cocktail of pills every day just to keep what little of sanity i have left..

----well i just wanna thank the gods aka forum makers for a place like this to let ya know ya aint alone in your struggles


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I plan on doin that when i see her on thursday ..... gonna see if the paxil can go higher or move over to a different bland cause i am tired of twitchin and be very edgy all over the place its like there is no end in sight ...

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Hiya hon,

is it your anxiety OR your bipolar disorder that is causing you to freak out right now? my anxiety disorder (GAD) is a part of my BP1, so generally flares when the mood symptoms flare. it is rare for it to flare when there aren't abnormal moods present.

you seem manic to me from your fast stream of thought writing. that could be a source of anxiety. if this is the case, then paxil is the last thing you want.

increase zyprexa and increase your antianxiety agent. maybe add much more klonopin. you should look at around 2-3mg a day at least to deal with what you're dealing with by the sounds of it. i'm not a pdoc and my "medical advice" isn't gold or something. i'm just another nutjob who's been in and out of the nut house and has been on more meds than god knows about.

nothing ever stomped the cra* out of my unruly moods like Z did, and nothing has gotten rid of my anxiety like klonopin does. those two are wonder drugs. i'm not taking Z anymore because it gave me bad side effects, but it was the love relationship of a lifetime. it was my favorite drug ever. lamictal is #2, paxil #3. speaking of anti-manic agents, Risperdal is what i'm using now and it seems to be beating the shite out of my manic tendencies. i'm more prone to mania than depression.

i don't know if your mood stabilizers are working. you seemed hyped-up. maybe more Z will help out with that, or maybe another mood stabilizer or the addition of another mood stabilizer. maybe you aren't hyped up and i'm just reading you wrong. it just seems that way to me from your posts that you're a bit manic and your meds aren't holding. you seem to be having some symptoms.

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aye the anxiety works with my bipolar when my mood flares all over the place ... i to am all anxious as well so its the nature of the beast =)

so ya i am gonna be lookin into gettin the meds increaed yee haw!

Oh yes i am very manic and very much a rapid cycler as well there is only way up or way down with me i jump up and down like a jackhammer ..

but thank you very much for ya comments and your post

its easy i can go here i love it i have all kinds of windows open cause i have a hard time focusin on one thing at a time

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