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Confidence in Ourselves


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I was just thinking this last night. You know, one of my favorite things to do is go dancing on Friday night at my favorite neighborhood goth club. Last night they played the best music ever.

I was so into it, I danced every song, from open to close. I have so much energy it is sick.

I realized during my dancing that I am such a confident dancer. I love how I dance and I'm not afraid to get out there and do it. Sure, sometimes my moves don't quite work out right, but it is all fun. It is such flattery when I see the "younger" dancers imitating me. I feel like I'm passing on the love or something.

Do you have an area where you feel like you just rock, where you shine and you're proud of it? What is it? We're usually so negative about ourselves, being crazy people, that we don't take the time to really say the good stuff. Here's our chance.

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Yep getting out and dancing is my confidence thing too. I LOVE to dance. Always have and I can dance anywhere and do any dance. It's just a weird thing for me. Get me drunk enough and I'll line dance at a country bar do hip hop at another, go to a techno trance club then finish off at a latin club.

Dancing rocks


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