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Hello everyone! This is my first post so forgive me if this is not appropriate.

I'm trying to find an online pharmacy that might sell me Maxalt either without a RX or would be willing to diagnose me and write me one. And, of course, it needs to be as cheap as possible.

If you're interested, here's my background and why I'm looking for this -

I was diagnosed with migraines about 8 years ago. I get a minimum of 3 a week. I'd been taking Imitrex after trying lots of other things and it worked for quite a while. Once it stopped working so good, I switched to Maxalt and it works much better than the previous time I'd tried it years before.

Now, I have recently switched from HAP health insurance to BCN. And, the coverage I have sucks. I went to my newly appointed PCP and he insists that although I have FMLA paperwork from my former Neurologist stating I've been diagnosed with severe migraines, BCN will not allow him to write me a prescription for Maxalt or Imitrex. Nor will they let him refer me to a Neurologist. I had to try Topamax first and use the samples of Imitrex or Maxalt he gave me. I tried Topamax and could not even work up to 2 pills a day without constantly being groggy. (oh, and the samples he gave me - 2 pills of each! how long did he think that would last me??)

So, although I told him the Topamax didn't work, he still won't write me a RX. I'm tired of having so many headaches that I don't have anything to take for and am getting a bit desparate. I found a Canadian pharmacy that sells 6 Maxalt for $80 which seems like a great deal to me but they require the RX. (the ones I've found who claim they sell it without a RX want over $200 for 6 pills! ugh!)

Any suggestions????

Thank you so much!!

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We do not endorse the illegal purchasing (without a perscription) of meds here at Crazyboards, so you will not be getting any suggestions as to where to get meds without a perscription.

I assume that when you refer to the "FMLA paperwork from [your] former Neurologist stating [you've] been diagnosed with severe migraines," you mean paperwork you got from your doctor that had previously lead to you taking time off from work through the Family and Medical Leave Act? If that is the case, then i would also assume that you get your insurance through a somewhat larger employer who most likely has a department or a subsect of a department that deals specifically with employee medical coverage. I would first go to them to ask specific questions about the coverage you are getting rather than just depend on the info given to you by your doctor.

You can also call the company yourself and inquire as to why you are not allowed certain medications. You can also try going to another doctor under your insurance plan. Not always is the first doc you see the one you have to stick with. Some of this could be a fault on his end possibly... you never know.

Good Luck.

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HI Welcome.

Just reiterating that CrazyBoards does not support illicit online medication sales.

(starting over my brain slipped)

I recommend you either work thru your plan doctor or go down the street and pay for a doctor and meds out of pocket. Don't go circumventing the system buying unknown meds without medical supervision.

your plan WILL give you maxalt, you just have to step thru two hoops.

Why is topamax intolerable? How much did you take? How many days? Did you work with the doc on titration? Frankly all of our psych meds suck to begin with... What if it actually worked after a week or two?

As a follow on, have you discsused ehead with the new doc, how Imitrex has worked before? Perhaps he might have insight to better dosing or usage strategies.

Good luck,


p.s. insurance plan aside, there are still plenty of other meds that work for migraines. Newer ones like topamax, and older ones like the Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) we used in the stone ages.

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