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It's one nonstop sugar BINGE!

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just to begin with a vent. Here is what I can remenber consuming since yesterday.

I box Apple Jacks (dry- out of the box)

2(large size) bags of swedish fish ( those red gummy ones)

1 bag checks mix ( new sweet kind)

1 pint haagen daaz chocolate ice cream

2 boxes of animal crackers

a sloppy jo

a bologne sandwich

and there's probably more. now i've binged in my life but this is totally crazy and i can't stop it. whats weird is that i don't get any sense of feeling full or satisfied by what i eat. i don't know how i eventually come to take a beak for a few hours when i do.

now i know i am ridiculously depressed. agitated too. they think bipolar 2 now probably- though changing the name of what i have does nothing to change what i have.

now i know i've been hearing people having this with serequel- but i'm on relatively low dose 75-100 mg/day and have been for years- could this start all of a sudden?

just lost my train of thought- dam depression- its amazing i remember my own name!

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I doubt the Seroquel has much to do with this. As you say, it's a low dose and you've been on it for years.

When you say you've binged before in your life, was there any sort of a pattern to those binges? Were those other, smaller binges potentially emotional in origin, or did they also come out of nowhere?

When you binge, do you shove food into your mouth until it's physically impossible to consume more (to the point of perhaps vomiting from excess eating, but still compelled to keep trying to eat more no matter how awful you feel to be doing it)? Or would it be accurate to describe your eating as junk grazing on overdrive? Is this in a sitting or two of dedicated junk eating, or is this spread over the full day?

How often do you have to go out to purchase the sugary stuff? How much do you buy at a given time? How much is already in the house? Is it in the house for you, or is it there for other family members, too? If it's meant for other family members, would they be upset to hear you'd eaten Item X? (Are you stealing food? Are you sneaking food into your mouth when no one is looking? Are you lying about your habits or what happened to the animal crackers?) Separately, would they be concerned about your binging?

Do you zone out when you eat? Do you sometimes not realize you've finished the whole damn bag or all the ice cream until you hit the bottom of the bucket?

My guess -- and if this isn't accurate, let's work together on finding something that is -- is that your recent binge is a combination of two things: comfort/convenience eating from the depression, and a nutritional imbalance of some kind. In depression, most of us are loath to put forth the complex effort of cooking, and instead fall back to eating prepackaged things. Eating is a comforting action. Sweet things are comfort food to most people. (Fatty things and salty things follow, but sweet is king.) All of these things could steer you towards consuming junk, and lots of it, but spread out over the day/night/whenever. Sugar does funky things to the interconnected mess of serotonin, tryptophan, beta-endorphin and insulin. It jacks them up and lets them crash. Sugar temporarily quiets the body's experience of physical pain. Simple sugars can make you temporarily feel better, but then you crash lower than before, and you are more driven than ever to eat sweet things to get back to that relative high. It circles and cycles until you manage to break out -- but it would explain why you're eating sugary things multiple times in a day.

You also say that this level of binging is unusual for you, which is why I think a nutritional deficit might be a factor. Your body may be needing something, but you can't quite figure out what it is so that need isn't being met. This makes you want, nay, NEED to eat more, trying to fill that gap you might not even be consciously aware of.

What has your nutrition been like recently? Good? Kinda iffy? Clearly bad?

For me, the first step to ending another round of cyclical binging is to eat something good. A source of healthy fat, a source of protein, a vegetable of some kind (peas work best for me), and a complex carbohydrate, like whole grain rice or something else unrefined. (Whole wheat bread/pasta is better than white, but I wouldn't recommend either for trying to break a binge cycle. Even whole grain varieties are highly refined.) This is a balanced meal. Eat, then set a timer for half an hour or so and say you won't eat anything else until the timer has gone off. When it goes off, ask yourself if you're still hungry. If you are, drink some water and eat a balanced mini-snack (like a cheese stick and some carrots, or something along those lines).

Make a point of eating a balanced meal, whether large or small, every four-ish hours. Once your binge cycle has backed off a bit, then work on controlling your caloric intake if it seems a little high. Make sure you aren't starving yourself calorically -- undereating will lead to an eventual binge. If you at all possibly can control yourself, avoid sugars in everything. You can ease back into them as your lifestyle demands it once you've managed to get the binge cycle to leave you alone.

Work in dairy as necessary. Each meal should contain a protein, a whole grain, and a vegetable. Potatoes are good for you. Dr. DesMaisons, a frontrunner in the field of addictive nutrition, recommends each person cut out refined sugars entirely and replace them in their physiology by eating a potato at bedtime every night. Do not eat fat-free foods -- absence of appropriate fats leads to binging. Low-fat is okay. Dousing every meal in lard would be ridiculous. Keep to the middleground. Your body needs fat, just not too much.

Let me know if any of this is helpful, or if you require clarification. I'm busy these next two days, but I'll try to stop in.

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Imnop- I can't tell you how grateful i am for your thoughtful detailed reply.

i have a history of bulimia- so there were my past binges ( though no purging for aboyt 10 yrs) though back then i would have considered any one of these a binge ( a pint of ice cream OR a bag of candy) I do think i space out- I'll think there's more at the bottom of the bag and am so dissappointed when i find its empty that i'll start a new bag/box whatever.

i've been trying to eat some meals- hoping that will satisfy , but all i do is finish the chicken and rice or whatever and move on to my extended "dessert".

i've almost always been nutritionally challenged- especially now i find most Real food unappealing and only feel like the sweet stuff.

15 yrs ago when i got severely depressed i found it hard to eat just about anything and lost a lot of weight. i feel like i'm longing for that extrreme because i'm already feeling so fat and ugly. and i'm just making it worse.

( and yes i am known to eat food that is not mine- making others mad when they go looking for their snacks)

i also feel desperate for that hand to mouth repetition . if i run out of sugary things i will then move on to salty if i must. ifeel like a meal is something to be gotten through so i can go back to snacking.

i'm pretty sure a lot is emotional eating- i know i've felt really tearful and shoved food in my mouth till it passed. i can't even cry if i want to.

thanks for your time and effort to interact with me- even that helps when i feel so alone. thanks for "listening".

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