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sick and feeling like shit

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I looked for a board called "Life sucks", but to no avail. So i'll put it here. Edit: I JUST realized there is an anxiety forum.

I'm sick, really sick. This morning I coughed so much I actually threw up. My body hurts. I feel warm and sweaty all the time. And now, derealization. Needless to say, this isn't doing wonders for my mental health. Constant anxiety and obsessing over minor life troubles. The derealization is getting worse. It's been going on for more than a week. Three days ago I had a panic attack and couldn't feel my legs for ten minutes, like the blood had stopped flowing there. Plus all the classic stuff (fear of dying, feel of impending doom, trouble breathing and so on...)

I feel on the edge of a panic attack all the time, but I can't really draw the line between having anxiety and an upcoming panic attack anymore. Where do you draw the line?

I'll go see a doctor tomorrow, but there's probably nothing they can do. Unless the virus has developed into a bacteria, you can't give penicillin right?

I haven't really given my body any time to rest. I've been going to school, I just started school again and I'm actually excited to go there. I've been smoking, poor lungs. I'm too damn bored and ADHD to just sit at home. I live off ibuprofen and coffee. So yes I KNOW, I should just stay at home and sleep. But what to do now?

(I've been taking this cough suppressant with morphine. Gets me through the night without waking up from coughing my lungs out. But I wonder if it could have something to do with this weird unreal feeling?)

I was prescribed Klonopin instead of Xanax today, and I'm REALLY tempted to pop one. But I've been using up my old Valium and some of my mom's Serax already during the past few days. Something inside of me says I should deal with the anxiety on my own. That all people feel like this at some point, and I should just deal with it.

Fuuuuuck. I don't know what to do.

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. Something inside of me says I should deal with the anxiety on my own. That all people feel like this at some point, and I should just deal with it.

Nuh-uh. That's like the great statement we hear from normal people -"everybody feels blue sometimes and we don't have to take pills for it!"

Sorry Helena, but that's bs. Don't buy into that thinking and please take care of yourself. You don't have to suffer like this. Your pdoc has acknowledged your anxiety by giving you the meds - take them! Especially since you're ill and your defences are down - it's obvious from what you say that your anxiety is spiralling out of control.

Re the cough syrup with morphine - IMO it's very likely contributing to the feeling of unreality (I'm not a doc, but have a nice little history of opiate abuse and know what it feels like) When you see your doc tomorrow make sure that you tell him/her about all the psych meds you're taking. At the very least s/he will be able to give you something to make your chest more comfortable.

Take care,


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girl take that klonopin. too many stressors can bring on those feelings you've got to find a way to ease down.ibuprofen is ass for your liver so if you can maybe try to decrease it? anything with morphine can space you right out. you will be dealing with it when you calm yourself down. like skittle said tell the doc everything (don't leave anything out-print this page if you have to) and get helped.

I hope you feel better soon


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hiya helena,

i don't know actually if it is ok to mix klonopin and morphine. i'd take the klonopin first, because it will knock out anxiety and you won't have to worry about derealization, which will make you more anxiious if you're taking morphine. damn, they give you strong stuff in sweden! they don't give us jack here in the US.

if you haven't taken any klonopin before yet, take it. i love it.


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I went to the doc today and she gave me antibiotics. So I should be fine in a couple of days. Stopped taking cough medicine during the day, I'll save it for tonight so I don't wake up from a cough attack. And the feelings or derealizations are mostly gone.

Shit, I never even thought about possible interactions with Klonopin and morphine.

I did end up taking the Klonopin yesterday and I felt a bit better. Not completely though, I think I've grown a huge tolerance to benzos. But it's comforting to have them with me, along with Zyprexa, so that I know that if something happens, I'll be ok again in 30 minutes.

Loon: But you can get pure DXM! Haha. A friend had some cough syrup from Ukraine with DXM, and happened to watch Ricki Lake where they actually explained the whole process of extracting it. "Don't try this at home!"

Thanks for the support guys!! I'm sure I'll feel better soon.

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