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my nate has an abscessed tooth. he had to call in today. we can't go to a dentist because hank hasn't paid us his rent yet (he has til the seventh then buh-bye!). he might have to call in tomorrow.

and to top it off... TEETH ARE SCARY! all teeth scare me. i don't want to know about teeth that get infected and make him so sick because teeth are bad. i hate them. if i didn't have decent teeth, i'd have them all yanked. they are horrible. i can't even explain the tooth thing to anyone. no one gets it. but everyone knows teeth are scary since they're used in horror movies all the time.

and i can't fix my nate! that bites (ha ha ha). i'm making him drink a strong infusion of thyme and sage every hour cuz that's a natural antibiotic, so here's hoping it helps...


abifae ;)

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feets are scary too, maybe in the same way teeth are scary, maybe in a different way.

even my feets are sometimes scary but usually it's other feets.

i had a dream about sucking on a toe last night and i think it bordered on a nightmare even though i think it was meant to be in a 'sensual' way.

ex-m had ok feets, at least at first they didn't scare me all that much, which was so different hence my fascination.

i feel bad when i get a pedicure. for the person doing it. maybe i shouldn't but after all they are feets i'm handing over.

if someone has bad feets and bad teeths, i am so scared and discomforted, i need to leave.

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I have the same thing, except with hair. I hate loose hair. Its nasty and scary. Goodluck to nate.

good thing i don't mind hair. i look stupid with short hair, and i know i'd keep it close cropped.

wifezilla - when nate's past this tooth thing, we'll see about getting something set up so that we can afford next time. i know it'll be a wihle to get accepted for anything helpful like low income or insurance, so he has to make it through this one anyway.

i have a friend who will help cover expenses if he does decide it's bad enough. we'll see tomorrow. we can't really afford him missing much work.


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