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CBS Sucks


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"No, Katie Couric didn't suddenly lose 20 pounds. The incoming "CBS Evening News" anchor appears significantly thinner in a network promotional magazine photo thanks to digital airbrushing."

"Gil Schwartz, executive vice president of communications for CBS Corp., said Wednesday in a phone interview the photo alteration was done by someone in the CBS photo department who "got a little zealous.""

This is wrong on so many different levels. First of all we have enough problems with unrealistic body issues, and THEN they have the nerve to blame the guy in the photo department.

As someone who does photoshop work, you don't just "out of the blue" make someone 20 lbs skinnier. Your boss tells you, or the client tells you OR this is the standard practice at your company. PLUS before anything like this goes out, it is proofed by all kind of higher ups. No WAY was this done without management and most like Katie's approval.



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we've been on the subject of body image over in the eating disorders thread, and this news about katie's airbrushing is disturbing coming off of our discussion.

hey out there, just be happy with who you are already! diet and exercise if you want to lose weight already! photoshop is cheap!

CBS sucks ass!

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hold on a sec...i'm not a major tv watcher and i don't really keep up with these news people or anything, but isn't she the person who did this big thing about body image and being real? it was one of those anchors and i'm pretty sure it was her.

if i remember correctly and it was, then that is just even worse and so fake. come on, boyd is right, like she's fooling anyone! we can all see plain as day on the news how she looks.

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Doesn't make any sense, is cbs trying to fool the world with this whole deal. Seems plain stupid.

Who cares anyway.


"Everyone" is visual.

If we never knew that she was photo shopped we would all just think.


she looks great and wouldn't even notice when she was on TV any difference.

But since it was pointed out to us now we do.

If they did not publish this story how many of would have noticed.


Men and Women like looking at Beautiful, Thin People that *is* the society we live in. It Sucks!!!!

Thin and Beauty is what sells our cars, food, shampoo,vacations,etc........

It is in Advertising all the time...

Me and my sister noticed one day while watching TV (Daytime) commercials for trash Bags or other items where they compare the two

The trash bag that breaks is and is no Good on the right..........has a bigger, heaver woman, not happy

The trash bag that does not break and works wonders and a smaller, thinner, happier woman.

Another thing we noticed was *Characters* on Cereal Boxes

1. Coco Puffs bird

2. Luck Charms leprechaun

3. Cookie crisp guy.

All used to be shorter and round. Now they are taller a leaner. It is weird but true. If we saw a box of cereal with a heavy person on it smiling would be buy it?

But it's fucking life.

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It's all about our Image based society. she may end up being one of those Joan Collins (wait or is it Rivers) types that get plastic surgery til she looks like a ferret. Some just don't know when to let it go. My best friend lost it when she was 40 (only 40 mind you) and wanted to have plastic surgery. Now I'm a bit behind her in age but I'm thinking you want to do something to yourself that could buy a car or be a partial down payment on a house. No way man. It's scary what some will do to stay looking young.


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