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Manky bananas

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;) I kind of remember my BD on Saturday, but it's been foggy since then. One of my inside voices (the one that usually wants to kill me) is having a party describing in detail how I'm going to end up as a crazy bag lady with pissed in pants, not remembering my own name and stinking...or other lovely scenarios... on and on and on. Some of the inside voices argue with her, some get upset, some ignore her and have thier own conversations. The one that love to spend money and buy clothing, my little glamour drama queen, is screaming at her to shut up and die. I'm usually reduced to just going away.I spent last night hearing and feeling trains go by, but we are no where near train tracks *sigh* If this were a play, I would be laughing my crumpets off. This morning I'm fairly lucid, standing on a chair above the din, but all of the food in the house has gone bad due to the hot weather....chunky milk, blue fuzzy bread, manky black bananas. How do others cope? do you have plans for when you "disappear" for a day or more? Should I get a bracelet that says something like " If you find me out wandering around and I don't remember how I got here, please call...."

My doctors are not taking me very seriously. The two tdocs that I see are mostly substance abuse counselors and neither can prescribe meds. I'm trying to get a place in the psych ward, but it's crowded and I have an ear and throat infection, so I'm stuck dealing with my own problems, pretty much until I'm not contagious. This is the busy time for my poor BF at his job and I hardly see him. He get home tiredly gives me a peck and collapses.

So I have a lot of time to spend with my sel(ves) and the other weirdnesses.

This is a stupid post, just wondering what others do/did before they got help


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not stupid at all!

i don't think many doctors know how to take DID seriously. on our disability review, the littles were out and commenting on the pdoc's dog calendar and asking him how many of those were his... the review stated that we "did not show any evidence of switching" and basically accused us of making it up.

not much to be done about it. although i still think i'd do better not having to work. sighs.

but anyway, if i still had my journals from our first few years of actually hearing one another in here, you'd laugh a lot. actually, we laugh a lot now. never mind "if it were a play", we think we're pretty damned hilarious. that is a good way to cope.

about losing days: we finally agreed that everyone who could write would scribble notes throughout the day, to catch the next person up. "went to store for milk today" "paid the gas bill" "no one is checkign mail - might wanna do that soon" etc. eventually we got better at communication so notes aren't as important anymore.


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I can't be much help, but you can make good banana bread out of those mushy bananas. ;)

The standard criteria is to hand it to a 6- to 8-y.o. boy:

- if he eats it, it wasn't ready for making banana bread

- if takes it and proceeds to torment his little sister by threatening to smush it in her hair, it needs another day

- if he looks at it, wrinkles up his face and goes "Eeeeeewww, yuck! Get it away from me!", it's ready.

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ROTFLMAO!!!!! Ok, I have saved that bit of wisdom as a keeper.

Due to the cloud of fruit flies, I gave the nanners an honerable buriel ;)

Yanno, a kid with strep throat can go back to school 1 DAY after being on antibiotics--24 hours--this whole keeping you outta the hospital is a buncha horseshit if you ask me, not that anyone did. Do you have insurance and a family doc? Are you in the US? Sorry if you've posted this elsewhere, but I remember reading about this in another post of your's which seems like weeks ago and it it just WRONG. IF you end up dead, your blood is on their hands if they are keeping you out for petty infections that they themselves can clear up in a day. AND they can segregate you from the rest of the floor's patient population. Fuck, my mom went in the hospital for an emphysema episode and came out with cardiomyoptathy, which is gonna KILL her.

Get some HELP!!

The funny stories are a good way of *coping* but you need some help and to stay off the booze. I know you don't need me telling you that, but seriously. You've been through some shit and alcohol is usually involved and if you want to get better alcohol won't help any. (said with the compassion of another addict)


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