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Hi all,

I posted here a few weeks ago when I'd just started Lamictal and was in a very bad mental state. Everyone who responded (especially Kassiane) was very supportive and reassuring and it really helped me out.

I'm now up to 250 mg of the Lamictal. I have 3 weeks to go before I've reached therapeutic dosage. I still get very moody every time I increase the meds, but not nearly so bad now. I finally got a good description of "mixed type" seizures and why I'm having them, which was a relief. Neuro doesn't seem to get why I need to know what's wrong - he just tells me to take my meds and not worry about it. The lamictal is completely suppressing the temporal lobe manifestations but not so much the focal motor szs, which means I'm still getting the Todd's paralysis. Bit of a bummer but it could be worse. If it's still happening at 300mg we're going to reduce back to 200 and add 20mg clonazepam.

Had a one time psych assessment at my request. He says I have situational depression (which is not a mental illness). So antidepressants won't help, he referred me for counselling. The grief specialist just couldn't see me regularly enough. My new T is very good, I like her.

I've also signed up with a government placement programme for people with disabilities (though I don't like to think of myself that way). So hopefully I'll be employed again soon.

Basically I did everything you folks told me to do. And it worked. So thanks.

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