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Second Update

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For those of you that have been followin my progress just givin a update..

i have been uped on the zyprexa to 15Mg and the doc said there gonna end up goin higher just takin it up in steps..

and the depakote is still gonna be the same .. for now

i tell ya with the panic and my bipolar i am so drained .. i have nothing left in a way ..

i tell ya i take my klonipin like its candy some weeks ... cause ya just have down right panicy weeks.. but ya ever feel like ya get into the why me thinkin .. and ya never end up with a answer just a shitload of worry and panic and then you off in the zone goin nuts..

but to those that have offered support you have my thankx in the dark times like this

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Well, at least you are here to talk with us.

Panicky stuff absolutely sucks. I agree with you. When the panick starts, you need to stop your line of thinking that is creating the panick and think of something else. Make a physical change too. Get up and go to a different room. Go outside and sit on the front door step. Go for a walk.

The psychologists say that we can learn to abort the panick attacks before they get full blown. Part of it is learning the confidence that you can stop them. The other thing that I depend on is controlled breathing. Taking deep breaths, holding them, and then blowing out as slowly as I can through pursed lips, creating a back pressure. The back pressure in my lungs pushes back agains the squeezing of my chest.

It sounds good that your pdoc has a plan for you meds, and isnt' just leaving you hanging. I know it feels slow, but weekly adjustments will keep you from having too many side effects, and also keep you from being over medicated. Hopefully one week you will suddenly notice that life isn't quite so hard.



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I second AM's breathing: take slow inhales and let your tummy go out when you inhale...then blow it out real slow...thru those lips making a circle....and that back pressure (what a good way to put it AM, you got it just right!) sort of pushes against the chest muscles that want to clamp down, or in, or something. "Belly breathing," whatever.

Good luck with those meds. Takes time but it is worth it.

Oh, also, what AM said about chaning where you are...like, if you are sitting, get up and go to someplace else. Or vice versa...

thanks you all,


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i tell ya its a daily struggle ... i just wish there was times ya could just stand up and scream i aint gonna take this no more !!!

thank you all for your kind remarks and the suopport it helps me out soooo much when i feel so alone in a world that is to chaotic for me to understand ..

still worryin over the results of the mmpi i took for my shrink he wanted to see as he put it what all he could diagnose me with ... that test was so in a way fucked sideways cause they ask questions then ya suffer through the 2 hour + of takin the test and ya so whipd out ...

---one thing i will ask for those that take these pills do you feel like your sedated ... and ya just feel like you have no energy .. what so ever ..

---blah ... i am sitin here starin at my monitor !!! what a life i lead uigh !

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