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MDs Who Are Also Alternative Health Specialists

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My mom is convinced that I should go to one of these MDs who is a pro in traditional medical treatment as well as being an alternative medical specialist.

i'm afraid of this kind of arrangement because i've read that for bipolar people, alternative therapies can be very bad and not go too well with our disorders or our medications. also, i don't want an MD playing with my medications.

she just claims that i need someone to check all these things that could be wrong with me other than bipolar disorder. she still is in denial, and has been for 11 years, and even though she and my dad both gave it to me she still doesn't believe it.

so she wants me to go to someone who will "cure" me naturally.

is this dangerous? should i just go to make her happy?

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i see an integrative med doctor. (MD who also does supplements and stuff.)

he's been helpful.


he won't touch my mental health issues with a 12 foot pole.

he says he's an internist, not a psychiatrist.

he'll deal with my fatigue, talk about stress reduction, agree that my mental problems and health interact, work on my hormones, etc.

but he doesn't mess with my psych meds.


i feel better since i've been seeing this doctor. he knows his stuff. he's also smart enough to know he's not a psychiatrist.

your MI cocktail is too complex for a GP to deal with. (no offense to any GPs out there.) if you have other health issues, then sure, see him. but don't go to him just because your mother thinks some vitamins will fix your MI.

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