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i was offered a promotion at work, to be a shift superviser. i turned it down because the autistic traits i have mean i am more stressed than anyone i work with realizes, and honestly - i'm barely holding on as it is.

i like my job. i like the management. i don't need more responsibility right now.

so i explained to my GM exactly why i wouldn't do it - autism and stress and dealing with people is hard as it is, and that i didn't want to lose the ability to take a week off with almost no notice if i'm stressed and need to hide or freak out. and he said he was pleased that i knew this and wasn't going to take the job and then screw them over.

and no one is mad at me for it, either. i'm still getting all my hours (and then some). so i think they actually understand at least in theory. and they all seem glad i'm not going to take a job i can't handle and then freak out. which, actually, the last shift sup did which is why they need a new one.

so that's a pretty good thing. if i have to go to work (disability declared me sane lol), i'm really glad i work with people willing to work with me.



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