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Great Cat Debate


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Some of you know from the Animals thread just what kind of time I've had with these cats my dad left behind when he died.

Here's a brief history of the situation:

my dad had 4 cats. my mom had 1 cat. i had 2 cats. when he died, mom and i together had 7 cats.

she found out she is allergic to cats. we found a home at a farm for one cat. so we have 6 cats.

2 were already mine. so 4 cats.

she locked 2 in the back bedroom and made them stay crowded in there, and made me take them to petsmart to try to adopt them out every weekend and it just broke my heart, so i took them home to my small apartment, even though i already have 2 cats. now i have 4 cats and a small apartment.

there are 2 more. she keeps them outside and won't let them in. one is so skinny you can see her bones. i'm afraid she's going to die or something. i need to get her to the vet. my mom's allergies aren't that bad that she couldn't handle taking care of these cats for a few months, like during the winter, until spring when i am more stable financially and can rent a house big enough for all these cats.

we're fighting, and i need to do something soon. we live in the north and it is getting cold already. i can't have the cats out in the cold. they shouldn't be outside now.

how can i get her to listen up and just take in the cats for a few months until i can rent a house? it won't kill her, really, her allergies are NOT that bad. she's just making them out to be. if she'd stop smoking, i bet she'd feel a lot better, moreso than if she has no cats. smoking is making her feel worse than having cats i bet. she's just so dense sometimes.

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i looked it up libby- and there are several, including my own area apl (a no-kill apl) worth considering. i have to do something. i'm going to call them all on tuesday and figure out what i can do. there's got to be something. winter is coming and they deserve better than what they're getting.

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