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Red, dry flakey face

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In the past couple of days I have developed a red, dry, flakey face, mostly forhead and between my brows, T-shaped I suppose. I have never had anything like this before. :embarassed:

Any thoughts on 1) what the hell it is (I'm wondering about Roscea)

2) which med to blame (lithium, seroquel, gabapentin)

Of course if anyone knows a magic cure for this red, dry, flakey face it would be most appreciated! I was thinking about over-the-counter cortisone cream. What do you think?


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Thanks Wifezilla,

I'm glad it doesn't sound like rosacea. I know rosacea can be hard to treat.

It could be eczema. I have had it before in small patches on my hands, but not on my face like this. Seems the same though.

I drink a ton of water but I don't take omega 3's. I hope it's just dry skin that's gotten out of control.

Thanks for that recipe. When I can get to the health food store I will pick up those ingredients. It sounds like it would be a good night cream to use regularly.

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tea tree oil works for my friend for eczema. maybe cocoa butter? maybe try to add some type of fish oil (is that the same as the omega-3's or different) I used to take salmon oil and ir worked pretty good. i also take prenatals every now and again (not trying to get pregnant just for the benefits) and they work awesomely for my hair, skin, and nails.


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Thanks lillie. I have Tea tree oil on hand. I'm not into the fish oil thing because I'm vegetarian and it just seems wrong for me. I know it does have benefits. I have had flax seed oil before. It sounds like I need to hit the healthfood store, but I'm really not into leaving the house today.

I just put on a zinc and baby oil mask because I am done my rotten leaving the house things. It's what I used to use on my hands, so why not my face? If it's good enough for a baby's bum... Now I have a white face. If this doesn't help I will try tea tree next.

lillie you said you take prenatals. Do you mean prenatal vitamins?

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Thanks Libby...it isn't too bad for almost 43. While I DO have Rosecea, I do not have flaky skin anymore...LOL

My worst skin issue used to be dry cracked feet. I mean to the point of bleeding and not being able to walk on them. I spent a kazillion dollars on different creams and lotions...I even did the vaseline thing and put it all over my feet and then put on socks and left it overnight. All I got out of that was nasty socks. ;)

Plus, hubby has psoriasis and is always looking for something to help in that department. He never had any luck with commerical formulations either. Plus they stung like crazy.

So I did some research on my own, bought all kinds of natural stuff and tried mixing my own. It never got to the point of being "commercially viable", but even my bad batches did a better job than stuff I had been buying.

My favorite ingredients are:

Aloe Vera - Cheap and effective. I just get whatever is on sale and as close to 100% as I can find at Walmart. Works best when mixed with some sort of oil so the texture doesn't feel so weird. (To me, pure aloe feels like snot. I have to add some oil so I can touch it...LOL)

Jojoba Oil - This stuff is freaking awesome. And since it isn't actually an oil, but a liquid plant ester, it wont go rancid on you AND it doesn't clog pores or cause zits for most people. USE THIS AS A BABY OIL REPLACEMENT. Baby oil is NOT good for babies OR grown-ups.

Avacado Oil - VERY friendly to "mature" skin

Shea Butter - You can mix this with other oils, the aloe vera, or use it straight out of the container for really dry skin. I use this instead of vaseline. (Vaseline is ALSO bad bad bad. Clogs pores, fells icky. yuck yuck yuck.)

For zits, tea tree oil is very helpful ($4 at Walmart. Don't fall for Body Shop tea tree oil...it is like $14 for the same size as you get at Walmart). Or if you have cuts or scrapes, tea tree oil with some shea butter works well.

If you have sun damaged skin, Vitamin C&E capsules (like you get at Walmart...cheap cheap cheap.) make a good night treatment. The C&E can sting, but if it doesn't bother you too much, regular use can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Other stuff I have tried...

Hemp oil - Not bad but pricey. Smells like old bong water. I would use avacado oil instead.

Emu oil - Same thing...works but pricey. Smells like old french fry grease

Rose Hip Oil - very nice but expensive

KuKui Nut Oil - OK...but too expensive. Not enough benfit for the extra cost.

Virgin Coconut Oil - Makes me break out. Depending on how it is refined, can smell like a pina colada left in the sun for 2 weeks. EWWWW

Olive Oil - It's not just for salads people. Makes a great gentle soap. Makes you SMELL like a salad though and is a pretty heavy oil. Good for when you run out of shea butter and but you really need some serious moisturizing ASAP. Another oil you are better off mixing with aloe.

Hazelnut Oil - A bit astringent...tends to dry skin

Walnut Oil - Not bad but I like it better for cooking.

I buy a lot of stuff here... www.oilsbynature.com

Since I have been mixing my own, I have not had any trouble with my feet or my hands getting dry and cracked. I haven't had chapped skin in years. If it wasn't for the damn reddness, I would be in great shape. Haven't found a fix for that yet. (Damn my Irish Ancestors!)

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