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pregnant and crazy

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I'm nearly 14 weeks into a rollercoaster of a pregnancy.

My arm picking which i thought i had under control has returned with a vengence, so has my people aversion. I hate leaving the house but now that I am on modified activity I guess i have a reason to go nowhere... My therapist seems to be counting down how long until i can be reevaluated an dput back on meds... meds went so poorly for me last tiem I am dreading it but am not enjoying being crazy

In the mean time i think i Have figured out that I am gluten intolerent... which hello, could i pick a worse time to figure this out. I would quite possibly decapiatate someone for a cinnamon bun sloopped with apple pie filling right now


ok i think I'm done venting.

My only hope is that the incrediable peace that settled over me about 8 weeks after my second was born, returns. I pray that post partum depression which gripped me after my 1st stays at bay ;)

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Awwww, Congrats Fidget!

I have to agree with AM on this one. At least you've already been through it, so you know what to look for and get help earlier. Don't be afraid to try meds if you need them (Of course always weigh the pros and cons while pregnant) They can be a real sanity saver. Good luck. Keep us updated.


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i've been pregnant twice and both times i knew it RIGHT AWAY because i got crazy. i mean nuts, out of my mind, psycho. not just the usual nuts that i usually am, i mean whack-job nuts. kill myself now nuts!

i totally understand where you're coming from. it sucks to have to take meds, and how they make you feel sucks, but it also sucks being crazy.

isn't there a combo of meds that can work without making you feel like crap? i don't know. the only thing i took was klonopin. if i was doing it again i'd keep lamictal and klonopin.

what are your main symptoms of being crazy? just those arm pricking thoughts? would you need an atypical? they think atypicals are ok in pregnancy, but aren't 100% sure, of course. and if they make you feel like crap, well, that's a whole thing to consider!

lots of luck


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hi loon, they dont really know what variety of crazy i am

i have been told i am bipolar or maybe just cyclothymic, GAD and OCD and possible ADD

the middle two I whole heartily agree with, the last one I have long suspected but the first is what has caused me great trouble and irratation. I have tried baout 14 different medications all to no real avail. Seroquel made my mind shut the hell up but i gained 30 lbs in 2 months and my husband said I was a zombie. I can believe him as I started assembly lining everything but it was amzing how things were able to get done and there was no other noise. The weight gain really frightened me because there was a LOT of endema. I already have pretty bad ciculation problems in my legs and I dont need swelling contributing to an embolism.

I need to remain med free during the pregnancy b/c of my history of multiple miscarriages and the blood thinners I am taking.

Since i recently figured out my wheat problem I'm wondering if some of the medication issues i had were due to malabsorbtion of the meds. I have no clue.

The arm picking thing is a long standing compulsion. I feel like i am drawing out poison and ridding my body of something bad. My arms are currently covered in scabs. Thankfully my other complusions have not reared their heads (like lock checking) b/c they get so bad it interfers with me being able to sleep at all.

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