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Feeling down and out and just thinking sad things

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Boy was I feeling like a sad wreck for a few days. Ok nothing new, ups and downs but really down with signs of depression but not enough sypmtoms to call it depressed. But close.

So as I was sitting there, I was blamming myself and others and just being sad about feeling so tired, lifeless withdrawn, introverted , disheartened with a no body likes me and just plain chocolate crappy.

And today all is well, lexapro jolt to the brain woke me up, recharged my life line to being happy. lol.

So was I depressed about situations or did I just get that way? ;)

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I have that happen to me, too, Boyd. And I wonder the same thing. I can't say I have the answer, but here's what I have come up with from time to time...

Sometimes it's the weather. For real. It can be the torturous heat here in L.A. It can really affect my mood. And sometimes it's rain or cloud-cover. It can just get me down. Not like oh, blah. But genuine depressed feelings. Then they lift. Bye bye.

Sometimes it's chemical. Brain chemistry. I'm sure of it. The chemicals are off. The meds help, they kick in or whatever. Like you said, for you, some Lexapro jolt...now me, SSRI's are the devil's potion, but Lamictal has helped me and Topamax has helped me and even Seroquel can calm the depressive little demons. BPs have chemical imbalances that get out of whack and depression just sets in for no damned reason.

Sometimes some stupid little trigger can set me off. And there, I think I'm just like anyone else. I get down, I feel like crap, I feel like hey, why the hell am I like this, why did I do all those stupid things, why does life suck, etc etc etc, then that gets old, or I sleep it off, or something nice happens and my silly hamster brain goes off on a better trail. You know what I mean? Human nature.

So take your pick, I guess. ;)

Glad you're feeling better. When it's those depressive feelings that just don't lift, then we pretty much know it's chemical, it's time to say, Yo, Doc, help. Maybe the meds need tweaking.


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