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FINALLY- Straight STory on SSDI Approval!

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I had to go to 3 different SSA people and my tdoc had to help me uncover this information. it seems that what is going on is just that my case was a random one picked by chicago to audit, like a quality control, and so it will be 3-5 weeks before i get my money. i already had my interview where they take my bank account information and pay stubs, and yesterday i quit my job. (my job was not too pleased, but they'll live).

more empowerment! i had applied back last year, and was denied, but failed to make the appeal within the appeal period, so my claim died. this year in july when i filed again, i had to start a new claim. i was expecting it to take longer than july to get this going. i am so shocked that i was approved on my first try, and so shocked that it was so fast. well, miracles happen every day. blessed be!


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Blessed be indeed--you deserve it, kiddo.

BIG congrats.

I, on the other hand, made my foray into the world of employed professionals official today, and mailed in the application to transfer my nursing lisense to Fla. from SC. AND the $225 they require with it.


There goes the dream of having a fun little job in a motorcycle shop--would you believe there is even one called "Crank and Chrome"???? Now if thats not where I am destened to work, I'll eat your Ritalin--or Adderall, or Concerta, or dexies--or what ever you have on hand.

BTW--did you know that Fla. has less meth manufacturing,useage and sales than any state in the country? Why didn't anyone tell me that before I moved??? I feel mislead by the Chamber of Commerce. A little speed would be a grand thing for all these over-80 retirees. Think of the zipping about on the Hover-rounds, or 3-wheeled bikes they ride!!!

Sigh again--

china, sleepy but stable

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