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I'm attracted to crazy girls

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My son used to LOVE crazy chicks--they all looked alike, and all were batshit crazy.

Sadly, their type of batshit did not usually mix well with his-its a tricky thing.

Fortunately, he has met one of the sanest women on the planet, who also loves himand will take no shit from him. Hooray.

Moral: your mileage will certainly vary when you combine your brand of batshit with another brand, living in another human bean. Sparks may fly, but that won't be all, I can tell you that for sure.

I mean, would you want to have a relationship with yourself? Not me--

china who prefers one crazy person per couple, please.

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VE--who recommends flirting across the hall--

Have you noticed that a crashing boredom and sort of non-life seems to have set in accross the hall? Odd--just proves my theory--would you want to be a part of acouple with yourself?????

china,returning from the land of the blah

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every one of my brothers loved crazy chicks. I had one banging on my door at 2 am screaming for my older brother and when I opened the door and she found that I was his sister I couldn't get rid of her for months as she wanted me to be her connection to him...sigh...

I have also had my share of lovely nutjobs in the past. Thank God I'm married now I'm not sure the world could handle a single me with adderall.


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Oh, a girl with the RIGHT kind of crazy is a fine girl. (Same goes for women.)

I will admit to getting a kick out of Bull Durham, although I doubt if I'd like being tied to a bed in my underwear, even if she did read Walt Whitman.

My s.o. is probably as off center as me, approximately, and we seem fairly compatible.

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Normal women seem boring. It must have something to do with ADD and stimulation. I've also heard that we're attracted to partners that are familiar. If you grew up around crazy people, that's what's familiar.

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Nothing for


Bad Old Guys???

I'm convinced


Can be


Since I been


for 30+


Being the


I even

fuck with

my own head.

I Love Women.

Crazy ones surely.

Stasis,looking behind him for crazy Ladies

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