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Grad school stress

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Just needed to vent here...

My first sememster of grad school is not getting off to a good start at all. I planned to work half-time while attending school full-time (4 classes plus a 16-hour internship). I wanted to keep working b/c my job offers health benefits and some tuition reimbursement for half-time workers. It's only one week into school and I can already tell that I will NOT be able to remain at my job if I want to do well in school b/c my boss is too demanding and inflexible and there's more work than I can finish in the time allotted to me. This creates a degree of stress that I can't tolerate along with all of my other responsibilities. I'm just not disciplined enough to study after a 12-hour day.

First of all, Boss Man going to be really upset when I resign. Second of all, this throws my entire budget out of the window. I'm going to have to borrow loads of money at least for this semester until I can chart plan B (with any luck, I'll manage to get an assistantship in exchange for free tuition or a job in the dorm in exchange for free housing). I'm nervous about borrowing all of this extra money and disappointed that I underestimated the demands of the program I entered. Third of all, giving 2 weeks notice means I still have to deal with the stress of my job schedule for two more weeks!!!

Anyway, one thing I feel very strongly is that life is so much easier if you have money. I'm not saying it's perfect or that you'll be happy, but at least you don't have the stress of paying for bills with borrowed funds.

Thanks for listening. Feel free to add your student finances/schedule venting issues too ;)

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I think you pretty much just exactly described my situation!!

I'm entering my second year in grad school, doing internship and working part time.

And it's only the 3rd week of school, and I'm majorly stressed out.

And stress is not good for our brains.

I'm trying to figure out how to quit as well, because a girl has to pay rent! My boss too is being incredibly demanding and inflexible as well.

BUT, I think ultimately school should be our main focus. School is our real job...and grad school is much more demanding than undergrad, it requires much more time and effort.

So hang in there. I FEEL your pain.

Keep us posted.

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Your class load seems way too high, especially for someone just starting. And that's not even taking work into account. I think just about everyone in my program takes around 3 classes maximum, and those with more work/family obligations often take 2 classes per semester.

Just borrow the money and work part-time if you're able to. If it's not too late, I would seriously consider dropping one of the classes.

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