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Right know i am typin this post while i am havin a PA so bear with me if alot of this doesnt make sense or what not..

i dont like being in my house by myself cause then you can hear every noise click of the clock and every sound is amped up 1000 times then normal ... every shadow moves a different way like there is someone comin in the apartment after you ( 5 min pause to freak out)

---(10 min pause)

when i drive in my car i go nuts...i feel like i am suiffercating and everyone is boxin myself in and ya can never breath no matter if ya have all the windows down and the air on and your head out the window ...

and then ya race home make sure the doors are locked and ya have to hide under the blanket

more later!!

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Sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time.

Panic attacks are HELL!

What I try and remind myself when I'm experiencing one is that....this is a temporary situation, that will pass because it always does.

Any chance you could take a Klonopin when it gets really bad??

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agoraphobia? panic attacks being indoors? just being afraid in general? who the heck knows!!!

that is terrible that you can't go out, are afraid, and need to curl up. i can't imagine living in such fear all the time. what's important is that you're safe, you know you are safe, these feelings of panic and anxiety will pass, and you can learn to control some of your symptoms of panic and anxiety, or at least learn to live with them.

i have some really good hypnosis tapes that helped me learn how to live with panic and anxiety. i've never had such panic like what you have, but i do have a morning panic where i can't get out of bed in the morning, and sometimes a panic before going to see other people, and so on. there are soem little things that freak me out. for some reason, seeing my grandparents freaks me out! why, i have no idea. i need to see them tomorrow. AGGGGGQ!!! And tell them about my disability afkjadfjafjal;dfjd

maybe you can get some of these tapes and they can help you relax and train your braij to resist the fear and anxiety? they haven't been 100% successful wtih me, but things are better. i think that if i used them more, or maybe had different ones and hadn't used the same ones for years and was so bored of them, that i'd have better results.

i'd like to see you give that a go. not all of our treatments need be medicinal.


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