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My ex boss sucks donkey dong. In my interview with him for the job, he expressed that he wanted to fire one of the people on the help desk, where i was applying for a job, because he didn't like his work or the way he was writing his tickets. he spouted off about this person. with only 4 people on the help desk and 2 being women and one being my trainer, the other was obviously the one the boss didn't like. how unprofessinal and rude!!!

then one day he called me into a conference room to spout about a different coworker, one of the women. i just kind of sat there and listened. as a temp-to-hire, what was i supposed to do, defend her? i just listened and left. i wasn't about to rock the boat until i was sure of my position and then i planned on going to HR right away with this bullshit.

now that i'm gone (i quit because i got approved for SSD), he's talking trash about ME to THEM when before he told me he was happy with my work. now he says i was a slow learner. i can buy that slightly, because i have untreated ADD-inattentive, but still, what unprofessional behavior. if he has/had a problem with anyone, that is between him and that person only, not him and the whole help desk.

SO- that boss sucks!!!

ps- should i tell that company's HR about this sucky boss's sucky ways?

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