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Boyfriend Too Good For My Apartment!

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This is the weirdest thing in the world. My boyfriend says my apartment building, which is not a glorious thing but serves a purpose, is too depressing. He thinks it is a slum or something (it isn't that bad!), and thinks that my apartment inside must be too depressing to see, so he won't come inside.

For the record, I live in a nice, middle-class area. My apartment isn't beautiful but it is what I can afford. I keep my apartment clean and my furniture is nice. What is there to be depressed about? He's the only boyfriend I've ever had who is too "depressed" over my apartment to come inside. (Note- i've been seeing him for 4 years and he's been in one of my apartments one time, and that was a much nicer one).

why doesn't he want to come in my house?? it is NOT like i live in a slum or something! it isn't the beautiful place he lives in , but hey, i don't see him paying the rent. he shouldn't judge what i can afford. as long as my house is well-maintained and clean, what does he have to complain for? sure i'm not rich, but i take care of my stuff!

what is his problem?

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Sounds like a very self conceited boyfriend you have there. If your apartment's "not good enough" for him then he really has an attitude problem. The problem is with him, not with you.

I'm no expert on relationships but if he really cared about you, it wouldn't matter. I once had a really rich boyfriend while I was living in another city in a much less nicer place than what he had. Not a slum but like you it was all I could afford. He tried to help me out by buying me a sofa (as I only had 1-seaters and we couldn't sit together). The relationship didn't work out, but at least he tried to make things better.

Has he been inside at all since you moved in there? Surely if it's clean and the furniture is nice, it shouldn't matter what the outside is like. If you've known him for 4 years, how many times has he been to your place? Maybe he's more comfortable in his own surroundings than to come to your place.

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