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walking around with low-grade pissed-offed-ness

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ever since i went off that geodon and had eps, 3 weeks?, i have had this pissed off feeling right under my skin. not acting out, just not so talkative, uncomfortable. last time i remember feeling this way was 4 years ago, before my dx'd. is this a symptom of bp?

some depression, low-grade. low self-confidence. still functional.

feel like out of options. don't want to take old-school aps.

upped wellbutrin xl 150 to 300.

i am so tired of putting this puzzle together. tired of side effects. tired of not being as well as i could be. at least, that's what the doctor said as well as one of my posts.

all i want is that clear head with focus and memory.

also get pissed when watching wheel of fortune. when i was a contestant i totally bombed. could not connect my mouth with my brain. guess that was bp.

i really like geodon, but it gave me eps. can i try it again?

damn, don't want to keep going through this.

i really just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have answered my posts. i feel bad not responding a lot, i just feel i don't have the expertise as all of you.

thank you,


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being pissed-off and irritable is often a sign of a mixed episode, or in some people, a hypomania, depending on how people present their symptoms.

why can' you take something other than geodon? have you tried and failed with others? i see you take risperdal. that has been a miracle drug for me at 2mg. perhaps geodon isn't doing the job?

i looked at your signature but don't remember (i don't remember anything, so don't feel bad) if you take a mood stabilizer or not. maybe your meds aren't holding and are to blame for this mood shift?

tell your pdoc what's going on and see if it could be an episode break-through or maybe your meds aren't the best ones for you.

you were saying in another thread that you also have a shitty memory, and we were talking in that thread about the potential for ADD. i have untreated ADD (inattentive type), untreated because of what's in the bp cocktail i take. it really messes with me sometimes. give it a go- talk to your pdoc about your symptoms and maybe if you could possibly have ADD. your pdoc can give you a test for it and look over your records to see if you've shown signs in the past. that's how i got my DX. my DX is fairly recent.


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thank you loon for responding to my posts. i think you've responded to all of them! thank you for the help!

i am beginning to think i just need a new pdoc.

if i went above .50 risp, i would not be able to think or talk. same as with abilify, zprexa, seroquel. the geodon actually made my brain feel different, but eps. would love to try that again. do not even want to go old school.

as far as add, pdoc tested and said no. i did not look like it at the top of the paper, but i did at the bottom, so it is the bp only. whatever!

i try to respond to posts, but don't have the words. will definitely help when able!

guess i was doing pretty ok when i joined cbs because i thought i was getting there! just stalled. feeling dejected. tired of trying drugs.

thanks again!


ps. if i am experiencing mixed states, does that mean my disease has progressed?

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My experience with EPS side effects ios that they are bad bozos and can potentially be dangerous--and believe me, I have had piles of them, on Compazine, the atypicals (ALL of them), and --surprise, surprise--LSD and peyote as well. (course, I didn't know that weird feeling was EPS, but it was.)

The irritability for me usualy means elevator going up--and I am fixin to have a case of road rage that would curl your hair.

I vote for a mood stabalizer--NOT an atypical--and maybe something for the ADD which is sounds like you might have, especially if the Wellbutrin works well--

But you know,I have decided that no two people on earth have the same metabolisms and no two people react the same way to the same drugs. This has been helpful only to explain to my dear hubby why we have different patterns and uses of the "fun stuff".

I'm going back to the Falcoms/Saints game--an actual good game on Monday night!

china the hopeless football and hockey freak--and unapologetic!!!

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thank you chinacat! another one who responds to a lot of my posts! are you just recently a moderator?

i wish my memory was meds or bp, but have had the problem since i can remember.

that game is the one i am keeping an eye on. (not common!)

1. falcons- my home town

2. saints- great story, stinchcombs lived in our old house, went to parkview and married one of my sister's best friend! ok, name dropping. while i'm at it, francoeur went to my high school as well. i love fun facts!

ok, go saints!


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"Nother Atlanta gal--hot damn. Was raised there. They did OK last nite, don't think anyone could have beat the Saints.

I am a mod on the preggers board, since I am an OB/Women's health RN--unemployed, but thats what I have done for about 20 years, starting at GRADY. (If you make make it there, you

ll make it anywhere----)

Were you ever a kockey fan--;like the old day, the Flames?

Think about/talk about the ADD thing--it took me almost 60 years to discover that ADD was a HUGE problem for me, which is why I loved doing speed, and didn't have the bad effects that happened to others. It just made me normal.

Keep in touch--

china--Ga.Tech child to the bone, old time Flames fan, and now maybe eve the Falcons!!

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GT to the bone eh? I'm applying to their MS in Industrial Engineering program for Fall '07.

I hate the weather in these parts, but at least Atlanta's a tad cooler and it's not as torpidly boring out there. Also the school happens to be ranked #1 in the nation for that field and is in-state for me, which gives me admission preference and ultra-cheap tuition. :)

If I get in. ;)

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Oh, great--and best of luck., You will love living in downtown Atlanta--cause Tech is right smack in the mddle of town. The only drawback to Atlanta is its the smoggiest city east of Los Angeles--way too many cars, and the air gets just rancid, especially in the summer.

Yep, the IE program is tops--I'll be pulling for you to get in!!

BTW--when I started college, with no prior planning, my assigned roomante was the daughter of the famous Tech basketball coach, Whack Hyder. She immediately became "Whack" and thats been her nickname for the last 40-something years.

I have a sweatshirt that just says, "Dress her in white and gold"--cause when my dad was there, of course the schol was NOT coed, so "if you have a daugter, sir, dress her in white and gold"

Thanks for brightening my day-


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