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just need a little advice...


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issues? ........well im no longer anorexic. i ate a baked potate , a burger and some toast today . is that enough food for 1 day?

most days i eat

-granola bar and nutrition shake when i get up before work...(i sleep in) then maby some iced tea at work, and some macnchease/ or popcorn/ or leftovers from dinner(i work thru dinner time)......................................................... i know this isnt the best way of eating, but ya think itll get me thru? i dont eat this amount for bad reasons, it just fits with my schedule. what do u think?

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when i was working, there were days when my nerves were just too frazzled for me to eat. i'd lose 10lbs wtih every new job i got (and i went through jobs like yesterday's news).

eating that way isn't healthy, but you know it. try to think of what there is for you to eat, sit down, and just make yourself eat it, at least half of it. no more stupid skipped lunches, at least have veggie sticks. and no more popcorn dinners, at least have a weight watchers dinner. these improvements are not enough for you to be healthy- you need about 2,000 calories a day, but if you get used to eating mroe it willhelp you. at this state you're probably used to not eating and it may make you feel sick to eat a full meal. i'd suggest working up to it.

but this is an eating disorders question. we have a good thread about the weight of the average american woman over there on that board that i think is informative and uplifting. read it if you get the chance. maybe your opinion of your body will change and you'll find inspriation to eat more.


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