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si in my sleep

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if this has already been covered somewhere, sorry - i looked for it but i didn't see it anywhere.

to sum up, these last few weeks have been really hard, and i slipped and SIed again. but then i swore to my therapist i would not do it again. (i still really, really, really want to, and i think about it far too often...but i haven't given in yet.)

a few days ago, i woke up with a hole in my face. a little one, but still...on my face, where everyone could see it. and then this morning, i woke up with two scratches on my shoulder placed right where my hand rests as i go to sleep. and it's not like i have big dragon-lady fingernails - they're barely there!

has anyone else ever experienced things like this? i can't think of a single reason why i'd keep getting scratched in my sleep unless it's the si urges breaking through.

maybe i should start wearing mittens to bed. yeah, that won't make me look crazy at all.

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I used to si in my sleep used to wake up and be bruised to hell and cut like mad despite my blades being in a locked box when I went to sleep, other things happened as well, then as things progressed I got a dx of DID/MPD and suddenly the harming that I had no recolection made sense, didnt make it easier to deal with, in fact things got a lot worse for a while, BUT at least I knew what was going on, I just needed to with the help of a awesome therapist work out why.


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