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New Migraine Cocktail--FYI

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Hey ya'll,

Just came back from seeing a new neurologist, yet another, about ze recurring migraines. He put me on an interesting combo of drugs I've never heard of and I'm of course going to do my research, but thought I'd throw it out there--see if any of ya'll have done any of these and will keep you posted as to the results once I get going (especially you, Jen, if you read this...)

I'm not getting overly excited, but ;)

Also, I am having a hysterectomy, including ovaries in a few weeks which will probably totally skew the results as I have long suspected varying levels too much, not enough of estrogen have been the root of the problem most of my life, and shortly science will dictate that variable.

But anyway here's what the new regimen is:

Prophylaxis: Periactin (an antihistimine) at bedtime slow titration up to 4 mg. 3x a day, fatigue is primary s/e

Abortive: Lioresal for pain alone or with metoclopramide for nausea (and this metoclopramide is supposed to aide pain relief too.)

We'll see...


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Suze, Sorry I had no experience with any, but I just had to come say I will be very much thinking about you through out all.

Please call Know I am still here.

Luv, Aly

PS. Didn't flee country yet, why I just don't know.

Oh yeah, I keep getting lost!

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