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Therapy has left me feeling like crap today

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I still think therapy is the best way to find yourself if you are in the dark and trying to find the walls.  I still think people who take meds from their GP and don't see a pdoc and t doc are fooling themselves ( unless it's a one time short term thing).

I've been through a lot of rough sessions before, but today I'm going through a delayed response from last night and I just feel awful.  I feel like shutting the office door, turning off the light and crying my eyes out.

What do you do when you are in that kind of pain?

Any cheery advice out there?

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It is possible you feel so bad today because you had a very productive session yesterday. You know the standard line of sometimes feeling worse after a session than you did when you went in. There are times when I also feel the effects of processing a therapy session for days at a time.

Maybe you can try to look at the situation differently. You are in pain now because you did a lot of good hard work yesterday. The pain may not instantly go away but maybe you can change the way you are looking at it. Can you make a paradigm shift and view your situation as something good? Pain usually is there for a reason but you can make it work for or against you. So try to view the pain as progress and feel good about how hard you worked in therapy yesterday. Easier said than done, I know. But as things settle down you may look back at today's feeling and know how helpful having to go through the pain really was.


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