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First day back from the funny farm


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So I'm bouncing around with voices in my head, voices out side my head, seeing auras, dissociating, depersonalizing, dis-attaching and in general, freaking out, got a ride from my SO to the hospital and it was midnight before I got checked in. They dosed me up real good and I slept most of the damned day. I spent the whole week freaking out, bored out of my skull, doing laps around the ward and waiting on some stupid doctor to see me.

The good? 800 mg of Seroquel and 100 of Trazadone. The bad? They won't tell me what the doctors have concluded about my symptoms due to some stupid HIPAA rules, I have to make a whole new trip to request my documents from the patient records department. That is just so stupid, plus, I may have to pay for them

I'm still hearing voices with in and with out and other bug-a-boos, but The out side (External???) hallucinations are less frequent. But that is like the old saying of waiting for the other shoe to drop *SIGH* I got a peek at one of the daily updates and and it was something NOS, I am having a crappy time remembering, but I think that it said DDNOS, but I must be wrong because that wouldn't account for the hallucinations.I have really dodgy short term memory and I'm dying to know what the hell is wrong with me this time. I'm always insecure with out a diagnosis, I can't really deal with what ever is wrong until I have a name for it and something I can research and make managable in my head...it's all scary monsters until I know. I'm a compulsive catologuer and can't stand it until I've got all my data safely tucked away in it's nice little cubby :embarassed:

The worst thing about the place was all of the suicidally depressed elderly people dumped off and left to rot... It made me alternately seething and murderous and depressed as all hell. I swear, if that is how I'm going to end my damned days, sitting in a wheelchair mumbling and staring into the past, eating the tasteless gunk that they call food, I'm going to off my self before I get there. People in general just suck. :)

But hey, they let me paint a cheap assed door mat in rec therapy ;)

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i'm glad you're back and that your symptoms are somewhat improved.

i agree about the senior citizen issue. it's really hard to see them and think about how their lives may be.

dx's matter less than getting better. if you get a bill, it may have your dx code on it, which you can look up online.

anyway, i'm glad you're back. i hope it helped and that you continue to get better.

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did they keep you long enough? did they wait until the seroquel was kicking in before letting you go? i'm just wondering if they did the right thing by letting you out while you still have symptoms. here, they told me my DXes right up front, and included me in my med selection process. despite having had terrible experiences wtih seroquel before, i picked seroquel as my mood stabilizer at that time and had a good experience with it until the nightmares started- uggg! i was up to 600mg and 800mg for awhile too.

and i don't have those kind of voices going on.

did you want to leave? welcome back, but i'm concerned about the quality of care you received. do they have a plan for your ongoing care? are you set up with a good pdoc? you need a good pdoc to deal with whatever it is that is wrong wtih you.

take care of yourself. take your meds right and on time, that's all you can do,. if you're not getting better, speak up. you'll only get care if you are the squeaky wheel. make noise and be heard!

i'm sorry that i don't have any sage wisdom or advice, other than that i think it was a bad move to release you so soon and without having your symptoms subsided. they'd never have let me out of the nut house at any time in that condition.


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