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Why am I told to ignore the DX?

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The patient guide to this particular hospital that I have gone to many times now, states that I should be active in my treatment and that I should educate myself about my diagnosis, tests and treatment. And yet, they contiually chastised me for asking about my DX and wouldn't give me a copy of any of the doctors reports or diagnoses...every one, including some on this board, tells me to not pay any attention to my dxs. I just don't work that way. I need to know what is wrong so that I can put borders around it and research it so that I understand what I'm up against and what I need to do to work on getting through it...I HATE being blindly led around like a sheep. To me Knowledge is power. I was given the lame excuse that they didn't want me to taKe on symptoms that i might read about. I am confident that I am mentally ill, but I'm not an imbecile. Like I reeeeaaaalllly need to make up symptoms in my spare time :) I've got quite enough thank you very much.

So, what is this big movement to keep the mentally ill in the dark as to thier maladies?

I'm getting really irked about it. I'm on the verge of throwing a hissy fit at my tdoc ;)

The dichotomy of learning about your dxs and taking part in your therapy and then not being allowed to know what you have been diagnosed with is sheer stupidity.

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This came up on on a thread of air Marshall's recently.

I think some of it has to do with insurance. What they have to tell insurance companies in order to get paid and what you actually have may be two different things. Particularly if you're on medicaid, they may have to put something much worse down on paper in order to get you treatment at all. Since this is fraud they can't really admit to it as that could be used in court against them.

They also may not know yet. It can take years to find the right diagnosis. Have you gotten an eeg yet btw? Have you mentioned that you have a family history of neuro problems?

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No EEG yet. Yes I've mentioned my family history repeatedly *sigh*. I have a follow up appointment to my week in the psych ward on Monday, so hopefully I will have some more enlightening news then.

I understand about the Insurence thing all too well. Medicaid is a fickle creature and you have to do the right song and dance to get anything out of them

Thank you for replying to my tantrum post, it's just being really frustrating.

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I don't know. It doesn't make any sense why you would not be told your dx. Really.

I do not think this is typical of the mental health system.

Lets flip the table... Why do you think you are not being told? Do you think your doctor is shielding you because he thinks you are not able to handle some dx, interfering with your treatment?

What is your attitude toward accepting a serious diagnoses? Could you accept a definitive dx of Schizophrenia or Borderline Personality or Dissociative disorder?

Just tossing out some ideas. I think it is worth telling your pdoc of your concern about not having a dx (note this is a reverse psychology approach, rather than demanding one). For goodness sakes don't read him the riot act or make a scene, you know how hard it's been getting things lined up.



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Panz, just wanted to say I am sorry for your frustration and I too do not understand why they would not work with you, meaning tell you they have dx or not.

And I agree to be told you would look up and take on symptoms if told, is very insulting.

And as most of us here with dx, we don't really see ourselves as such, and really find reading about it all quite boring after a time or two.

At least speaking for myself (probably means I am the dx the most, oh well what you going to do?)

Do you have anyone such as a spouse, sibling, good friend, that could go in with you?

I guess it does have to be more in the spouse or parent type relationship.

I have at times when caught myself allowing things to stay stuck on one track, as just where the therapist wants to stay, that taking my husband in with me, allows me to speak up, and say what I really want out of my therapy.

Key word MY therapy.

It is for us, I know I fall victim often to forgetting that.

It is actually my husband that will see when that is happening, for well I become more frustrated, upset easir again.

Then he will ask me some questions, and it comes out, I am no longer the one directing what is going on with my talks, I am not even talking in them.

Yes me, I am quiet and for many sessions in a row, not good.

Therapist has away of just taking over and talking.

And I don't speak up.

I know bit wimpy here at times.

But support of love one can really help.

And whatever it takes to get help, well that is bottom line.

Goodluck with all.

Luv, Aly

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i must say i'm quite outraged for you. i believe it is your RIGHT to know your dx- even if it not definitive yet- they usually write something like "rule out" bipolar disorder or some such. but i think you have a right to view your medical records. if you can't get your tdoc to get your records and go over them with you- you could write to medical records of the hospital and have copies sent to your pcp. (i don't believe they would send them directly to you, but to an md)

if pdoc and tdoc wont answer what is your dx, then they should answer why they are not telling you.

i don't mean to be inflamatory- but this would be a deal breaker for me- and i would look for a new treatment team who would work WITH me.

i agree with you that knowledge is power- its good to be informed.

anyway i totally agree with you for being so upset by this.

good luck- let us know what happens!

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I talked to the ward nurses just now and they told me that I can go to the records department during business hours and order any papers that I wanted to see in person. It actually seems to be some kind of Hipa (Sp?) thing about protecting my personal information from prying eyes. So I guess I'll have to get a ride down state to look at them. It's kind of weird to me that they can be faxed to my various doctors and councelors, but not me...GOOD GOD! I love red tape LOL!

Well I have to go down there Monday anyway, I'll try to corner them in the lair and wrastle the papers out of them. Thanks you guys for the sympathy and kind words, they really mean a lot to me

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You Welcome Panz, I know after Monday and reading those records you will feel a great sigh of relief.

I didn't mean anything negative about knowing my dx, believe me I want to know everything.

It is good to be so knowledgable of such that it bores you!

If only that were true for more things, like almost everything else.


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